By The Oak

By the oak is a Turkish brand founded in Istanbul, by two siblings Naz Bileydi Yenigun, a fashion editor and Yigit Bileydi, an interior architect. With years of experience in creative businesses they wanted to build a brand which can fit in a man’s life easily and can stay for years. Timeless, of good quality and unique.

The oak tree at their family home, where they spent their best times underneath for years, is giving the brand its name, the colours and the soul.

Making clothes which are thoughtfully designed and responsibly crafted is a path they follow and they are eager to stay. Different kind of workwear from all over the world is mixing their own country’s heritage. All of the production, sourcing and fabrics comes from all over cities in Turkey. This gives the brand its originality and unique perspective.

By the oak will elevate its game every season along the journey, touching different minutes of everyday life. Lets meet down the road!